Version change SENSANO 4.0 successfully completed!

erfolgreicher Versionswechsel von Version 4.0

We are pleased to inform you that the version change to version 4.0 has been completed. Around 450 companies and over 2000 users, including the document history, have been migrated to the new technological platform. The ease of use and great performance are impressive. Users were prepared for the new environment with simple Delta videos. The technical migration to a new, future-proof table structure was elaborately prepared, but was 100% successful in a very high proportion of cases; only a few special cases had to be reworked manually.

The move to SENSANO 4.0 also enables a portal with a complete P2P process. In addition to the shopping cart and order, delivery and invoice control as well as transfer to financial accounting can also be carried out in SENSANO 4.0 in future. SENSANO 4.0 also offers the digitization of invoice documents as a service package so that companies with limited resources can take advantage of an outsourcing option.

If you have similar questions, we will be happy to assist you with the design and implementation at any time.

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