Sensano - Software, purchasing and invoice management from a single source


Many well-known companies in the healthcare and social services sector already place their trust in us. Companies, clinics, nursing homes, facilities for the disabled and associations. Large and small. Nationwide. For more than 15 years. And benefit from a comprehensive and easy-to-use online purchasing system that combines a care and clinic ordering system with comprehensive reporting. And it's completely internet-based.

For our customers this means in concrete terms:
faster orders, more predictable, lower process costs and optimal control of purchasing.

Our know-how

What are your actual shopping needs? How much time do you need to allow for? Which suppliers are suitable for you? What are your long-term goals? After a thorough analysis of your status quo and your needs, we will show you what makes the most sense for you.

And always with an eye on the people who control your system and your purchasing - your employees. That's why we have developed the purchasing platform in such a way that it can be used online from any workstation and can be quickly and securely integrated into an existing merchandise management system. And to ensure that your employees quickly become familiar with the new system, they receive training from our experts after implementation.

Once the purchasing platform has been set up, we will always be at your side. If you have any questions about your ordering system - your purchase - we are always at your disposal. Service is our top priority. That is our promise to our customers - to you!

On request, we can integrate additional tools to increase your purchasing effectiveness. This frees up your mind for your core tasks!

Our products

Ordering system

The ordering system - offers you the convenience of a modern online store for the healthcare and social services sector. Simple in terms of user interface, fully internet-based and easy to connect to third-party systems.

The range is sorted by product group, not by supplier. It is structured in such a way that you immediately get a good overview of the products and their conditions - including individually negotiated conditions. Goods from different suppliers can be ordered in a single order process. Shopping baskets and shopping lists are simply structured, easy to maintain and can be viewed at any time. This significantly simplifies the control and management of order budgets.

Are you missing important suppliers in your ordering system whose goods you would like to purchase? Or are there suppliers that you no longer need? No problem! Simply contact us and we will be happy to support you in adding or removing the relevant suppliers."

Further advantages: You decide which articles are made accessible to your user groups and which approval workflows are set up.

And the highlight: We let appear in your corporate design. On request, we can set up the platform directly in your corporate design or integrate it into your intranet.

Reporting system

Does your purchasing behavior pay off? Which departments have which requirements? Where is there potential for efficiency or savings? Our reporting system will show you. It provides a wealth of data with which you can gain a comprehensive impression of purchasing behavior in your company.

With just one click of the mouse, you receive evaluations of all current orders, the order history including price development, costs and interfaces. And all updated on a daily basis.

Your profit: Transparent purchasing that is easier to control. And thanks to solid figures, it is easier to plan.


We always strive to develop the best solutions for our customers. In the short, medium and long term. That's why we support you not only before and during the introduction of the systems, but also beyond.

We focus on long-term customer relationships and are always there when you need our expertise.

If your needs extend beyond our portfolio - for example in terms of product range and supplier streamlining, tenders or price negotiations - we rely on our extensive network of specialized partners. All of them are experts in their field. Because only there do we know that your requirements are in good hands.


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